The Artwork of Dan Klennert

"I do not form shapes, I collect shapes to create my forms."

Welcome to a web page devoted to my love of iron sculpture!

I hope you will enjoy browsing through these pictures of my recycled iron sculptures as much as I enjoyed creating them! Please click on any of the links below to begin your journey into my imagination...

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Please come and visit my sculpture park titled Ex-Nihilo (pronounced "Ex Nee-Hill-o" - one of several ways to pronounce it according to Webster's!) which means something created from out of nothing in Latin. Ex-Nihilo is located right alongside State Route 706 on the way to the west entrance to Mount Rainier National Park in beautiful Washington State.

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My art was featured as "Rusty Gold" in the Disney movie
America's Heart and Soul

The director did a beautiful time-lapse shot of the train weathering 

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